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TruEdit® centralizes content creation and manages workflows. TruEdit.io is the place for developers looking to integrate and extend TruEdit with other apps.

This documentation contains API reference topics and feature overviews for the programming elements available in TruEdit. To locate the topics you need, you can use Search feature or the navigational menu in the header.


Use the REST API to develop integrations and automations between TruEdit and other applications. This reference documents resources available along with samples.

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Scripting API

The TruEdit Platform InDesign/InCopy Scripting Reference. Develop integrations between the TruEdit Plugin and other applications or integrate scripted solutions for TruEdit within Adobe InDesign and InCopy.

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Custom Panels

A Custom Panel is a web form that is displayed within the TruEdit application for the purpose of executing an Automation or retrieving metadata values from a third-party system.

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